Does anyone know or have tried any email marketing programs that keeps track of newsletter subscribers and also comes with an autoresponder?

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i am looking for one too!

Try 1Shoppingcart, they seem to be working for me. I'm on their 30 day trial.

I think you should really try out the "icontact" service as it is a Gold Winner amongst all Email Marketing Services as per the

They have made email marketing really easy for the marketers who wants to create, send & track their email marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

What happens to marketing emails
never get read,
straight to trash,
even the ones people opt in for
ISP blacklist the sender never heard from again.
The best marketing does not look like marketing,
- write your mailer in house, make it personal.
blacklists are easier to get on, than to get off
dont use a mass marketing agent.

i also encountered the website icontact. im trying to surf for more resources though...

If you want an option for icontact, then you can try out the It is also a top email marketing service provider.

Uppsss, don't want to be tag as spammer - you know sending mails to whom you did not a blatant spamming...nevertheless, just make sure your mails are worth reading for.

I am using icontact for my email marketing. Seems to work good for me.

I use icontact web mail services.

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