Social network build personal network that connects to other users networks also provide opportunities for business promotion.

i use facebook for connection with me friend

I use social networks for a number of reasons...
1. To stay connected with friends and family.
2. Make new friends and business connections.
3. Get inspired for new ideas...for blogs, adding new features to my sites, etc. Basically to see what's becoming popular and trendy.

Social Networks is the best way to make friends and to promote your business as well. That is a fact my friends!

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Social Networking is most popullar plate form where you can make Group, Creat community, other most important engage with your friend and relative.

From a personal perspective, social network has helped me keep in touch with first cousins I never met. From a professional perspective, social networks are a very important and valuable resource.

I use myspace to keep in trouch with my friends

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