My project with SIP Communicator as part of the Season of Usability was to evaluate the interface of SIP Communicator, find out how SIP Communicator measured up with competing IM projects, and do an exploratory study to determine priorities for future improvements based on user requirements.

During the course of this project I work with Raphael Wimmer, my usability mentor, and Emil Ivov, creator of the SIP Communicator project, being able to work with both of these individuals helped me get a sense of the impact this work was having and would have for the future of SIP Communicator’s interface.


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I have faced an issue on nokia e51 the SIP device that it don't run two VoIP apps at the same time. One stop responding if you install the second one .. What you think is this a problem with devices or SIP configuration ??

Hi Saneha,

I am facing the same problem did you get any solutions for this. Awaiting your reply
thanks and regards
Voip Solutions

Not yet .. Which two VoIP applications you have tested ?? I was using and fring ...

Hi, fring works prefect , when I'am in the offcie I redirect my extension to my nokia 5800 phone, Cell calls and internal PBX extension in the same device.

Best regards.

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