Many tout social media as a part of marketing strategy, my question for you is whether it has been an afterthought or has it been fully integrated to your marketing strategy? There is a difference between, "oh, lets put create a twitter account and see who follows us" to "I use Twitter to create two way communication with followers and friends of my brand - I contribute/reply to other's tweets and others do so as well. This Twitter strategy has successfully helped my business to expand 19 fold within a year. "

So what do you think?

Thanks for sharing your experience with twitter. What about the conversion? Does that improved too?

That is the big million dollar question. You can have 750 or whatever is your targeted number of visitors but if they dont convert, then the question is, how can you increase conversion. I have heard stories like Dell's success story on how Twitter has helped increased sales. I hope there are others on this board who can share similar stories.