There are many web analytics tools available, both free and fee based. Though Google Analytics had a big share of the free web analytics tools, Yahoo Analytics is gaining market share due to the software's robust analytical offerings. Have you used Yahoo Analytics and if you switched over from Google Analytics or even a fee based analytics tool, what are your thoughts?

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Never had a chance to look on it let me check it and I'll get back soon

Not yet, what exactly is it about? Is it a tool like Google analytic?

Yes it is. Yahoo Analytics was Indextools.

Yes it is. Yahoo Analytics was Indextools.

Could you please explain it a little more? I mean its features and how it works and the benefits.

Is this tool is Free?

Yes, Yahoo Analytics is free.

I strongly recommend to read Avinash's blog entry. If you dont know Avinash, he is considered one of the top Web Analytics Guru.


Thanks for the link, but i have never heard his name till now.

Not used yet because Google Analytics are well known and more reliable if you are getting rankings in Google search engine result pages.

Google analytic is best tool

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