Last night, I passed by a new bar. This bar was packed. I just happened to make conversation with the owner of the new bar who said that night was the grand opening and he invited all the food and wine bloggers in the NYC area. His tactic was a success. The place was packed. So have you outreached to bloggers to promote your business and what did you learn?

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Interesting. So are you saying we need to open a bar to promote our web site :)

oh not at all!!! Im just saying that I thought it was interesting to hear the story on how this business owner packed his place up. Successful blogger outreach, I may say.

Well then its simply offline marketing but this kinda marketing is very effective and you can learn a lot of things.

I think opening a bar is a great idea. And serve free drinks to use bloggers who blog about your bar! I'm there.

Just kidding.

But in response to your post, social media (blogs, twitter, facebook..) are certainly becoming effective marketing tools.

That's actually good idea to create online marketing through offline connection. Thanks for sharing! :)

Very cool! It's funny how free drinks can persuade anyone!

i posted a blog about my website nothing yet

Come to Silicon Valley. Bloggers are everywhere here :-)

Or attend a Blog Academy event. The room is full of bloggers.

Blogger outreach is a great way to generate traffic and develop your footprint within your vertical. One thing you've better be sure, when you perform outreach to bloggers your offering/website has to be ready for primetime. Be sure you coordinate with your dev dept, CTO, make sure you're on the same page. Nearly blew a cover piece with Cnet, had to work hard to repair the damage there and blew a huge one with TechCrunch because I was getting bad info from CTO about the state of our product/offering.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, I had a similar story where I shared my "still in the design stage" website with a client, despite a caveat that the site is still in development, and I learned my lesson ever since.

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