In a few groups I belong to, I have seen very active discussion on members accusing posters that their posts were spams while the poster insist they are just informing. I also have noticed this on Twitter. Some members do not post any thoughts but just a link while others share their daily experience. In regards to building a business following, what are the guidelines you consider or keep watch to prevent crossing the line between spamming and informing?

I just read an excellent article in The Partner Channel magazine (a Microsoft Partner geared monthly) that talked about social media and blogging. One of the topic they discuss in the piece about blogging was that the blog or micro-blog's content should not be sales effort. The one exeception they make to this is posting a story about how your company overcame a unique problem or hurdle and how you did it. Essentially, advertise your expertise without talking about your products specifically but about how you used your experience to overcome a hurdle and helped a customer. The key to this type of post is that the ratio of this type of post as opposed to purely informational posts should be 1:10 to 1:12.