One aspect of life that is constant is change. Thus, this change occurs everywhere and anywhere, especially when executing a marketing plan. You may encounter unforeseen pebbles on the road. Hence, you may need to change course to improve chances of your marketing success. So when this happened to you, how did you:
1. monitored it?
2. how long you waited to make a decision?
3. made a decision?
4. monitor the success of new decision?


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So far as I know, our conpany monitor it all the time,and the decision time is not sure,just according the facts.

InsightsDigital, this is a pretty broad statement/question you have made. As far as changing my Marketing Plan - this happens very rarely. I usually have a plan ready prior to launching a service/website and stick to it. Of course, things change once you see what actually works or doesn't.

With online marketing, making decisions is quick. You are often changing the prices of keywords or changing your landing page. For example, I just watched an hour long video about '7 deadly sins of landing pages' and decided to change mine up a bit. This decision was made quickly and so was the call the action.

Of course, the scope of the time frame and everything changes depending on the scope of the revision.

Your marketing strategy should remain flexible to change but don't change it more often because to get desired results sometime it takes more time span, however if you monitor the indicator of success during execution of each marketing strategy it will minimize the time frame.

Thanks for the great insights. Identifying indicators of success is a good way to prevent a long wait a see period.

As long as I had made my plan, I won't change it easily. because I had do thorough research before I made the plan.
But i will keep monitoring it all the time.

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