Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a sign-up HTML code. I used to have one but I lost it when I changed computers. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone here could point me to a place where I could get one for FREE (no memberiship sigh-up in WUFOO, please).
Thank you very much!

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A simple Google search should bring up a huge number of results. Probably be able to download a free squeeze page template with signup code included.

If you design such a page then some of your users may not be able to enter their email iDs because it will take them to msn live or something like that. You can use third party forms using 123contactform or other similar sites. For more customized codes you can search google.

Thank you for your sugestions. As I said, I used to have a sign-up code and it worked really well, I had a lot of signins. But I lost it. I was with Wufoo, but I prefer the way I used to have it.
Thanks again!

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