We have a website, viz., www.plussizebeauties.com. I have a few issues with this.

1. We have developed a php website (Shopping Cart). Now, we have changed over to a Zen Cart Shopping Site. We have changed the categories and sub categories also in the processHel. The issue is google has crawled/indexed the previous website and it shows 404 error. Though we have removed the previous version, Google WebMaster shows, crawl error.

2. How to remove those 404 errors from the website.

3. We have created some links pointing to the previous site's url. Whether I can edit the links pointing to the present website urls. Will this affect the search results for the website.

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go to http://www.w3schools.com/site/site_validate.asp and hopefully you maybe able to find out where there are errors. I really wish this info helps you

I really thank you for your effort. But I think this does not solve my issue. If you have any other solution, kindly post it. Sorry for the trouble.


using an .htaccess file you can redirect your old product pages to your new ones. search engines will pick this up over time, but it will help those people that click on old links, they'll get to the right place.

I'd also suggest creating a friendlier 404 page, so you don't lose visitors.

It looks like you've got an xml sitemap, make sure its updated with the new URLs.

definitely investigate your crawl errors.

hope that helps.

Yes, I do have the xml sitemap. It is the updated new urls only.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I would work on that.



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