I have a new product, called Ladder. Ladder is an information management tool that allows application developers to focus on building Web pages that capture data and present it to end users. Web applications built on Ladder can be extended without changing the existing object model of the application, or affecting existing data. New web applications can add their object model to the tree when and where needed, allowing new applications to capture and present additional detail over time. Data is classified using the same classic Object Model technology used by OOP languages. Thus application developers need to spend less time concerning themselves with data architecture issues, and focus more time on application development issues in the business logic and presentation layers.

Thus far I've been searching for various groups that could use Ladder, and post release announcements. I though was wondering if there were other ideas that other have found successful, interesting, or different that would help in this effort.

Look forward to your comments and suggestions.

The best way is to give people a demo version. Optimize your site so they Google and find you and easily download it, then I would do some cold calling to get people to try your product.

Thx for the great idea. I had forgotten to specifically add my website to Google's and Yahoo's search engines.

The best way will be promoting your website with certain special keywords. If traffic will increase on your website then automatically the product will get lots of advertising.

Thank you Michael for the suggestion. Have added this to my todo list, and commit to completing it this Friday, so that on Monday I can submit my site to Yahoo and Google, and others.

I also need to locate magazines that Application Developers and Project Managers Read which contain articles on Data Modeling techniques. A friend suggested that I post case studies to them which they may publish, and that too will draw attention to my product.

Any more good ideas? =)