Is it me or have I noticed that popular online communities have been down this week, like Google, YouTube, and of course Twitter. So what happens to the users who want to log on and face this roadblock? What to do next? Its like when the computers are down at work and people are idling around chatting instead. I remember back in the old days, there were no such things as computers nor Social networking sites and people used semi electric typewriters. Yes, this was early 90s!!

The answer is simple, pick up the phone and have conversations. The problem is that many who have entered the world of business when much of the communication is done via e-mail and social networks that they are uncomfortable or uncertain about having a professional conversation. I have heard some people who are new to the corporate world carry on conversations with other departments and with clients that defy imagination. These are smart, talented people using improper English, street slang and vulgar terms in business conversations. I remember when I was in school (20+ years ago) and I took an oral communications course, the teacher made us pair off and sit back to back. We were then to carry on a descriptive conversation. The goal was to eliminate the use of hand gestures and facial expression to convey physical and emotional descriptions of people and events. I think they need to have oral communications courses where people are taught to speak in ways that if the conversation is overheard it is understood to be a business conversation and not a couple of friends having a chat.