Will a Windows sever with PHP and MySQL run it? Or do I have to have a linex (sp) sever?

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you should be able to find a very good FTP server for Windows on sourforge.net

FileZilla is a perfect example. There is a client and server for Windows.

I had already found a sever website. I'm going to rent part of a sever, and I need to know if phpBB will work with a windows sever, or if I have to get a linix one.

If you installed Apache, PHP and mySQL then phpBB will work properly.

(p.s.: server, not sever. Linux, not linix)

(P.S. Myy Speellindg suckks lol)

Did you did it with phpbb?
From what I know phpbb works only in Linux servers.


Both PHP and MySQL are the only requirements for phpBB.

Both PHP and MySQL will run on a Windows machine.

I have ran WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with reasonable success.

:) Yes I understand that but we speak here about a server not a local host :)


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