I've been subscribed with DollarBuddy for three months now, and have made the princely sum of ONE DOLLAR!

This site promises regular returns, and states that subscribers will receive a regular income. This has never happened to me. I would have thought that after three months I would have at least made my investment back.

I looked on their site for a contact email, but they don't seem to have one. I'm beginning to realise why. Perhaps they will be flooded with complaints if they had a easily accessable contact point.

I am interested in hearing from other who have had positive and negative experiences with DollarBuddy.

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I looked on their site for a contact email, but they don't seem to have one...

There is a support icon near the top of the page. Click that. It will open the VieDesigns Help Desk. You can easily contact DollarBuddy through there if you have any questions or need help getting things going. Staff is always ready to help.

I can't say for sure if I've ever had anything to do with this site but I've been ripped off by sites like it. You can sometimes find contact information for most websites in the who is databases. One is: one who is dot com
I spelled it out cause I noticed this forum likes to censor out posting urls.
They are also many different sites you can complain about scams. The FTC is a good place to start although I'm not sure what, if any good they'll do, simply because they are overwhelmed with such complaints.
There are also plenty of scam forums which you can post to if you'd like to warn others.

Thanks for the encouragement.
DollarBuddy is a pyramid scheme. To make money you have to have a downline who signs up through your site. I have noticed that there are a lot of websites on Google advertising DB, so there is stiff competition. Some people have made money, and I suspect that they are the people who got in early when it first started. They are also operating close to the legal borderline in terms of their advertising. Our consumer laws in New Zealand would cast doubt on their advertising which implies that within a short period of time customers will get repeated payment notifications through Paypal or Stormpay. In reality this has not happened as promised, so if this site was a New Zealand one, they could be sued under NZ law for misleading advertising. If a business advertises that a result would happen when a person signs up and pays money, then it should happen. If it doesn't, the customer has the right to complain to the commerce commission, who could take legal action against the business. So I think that sites like DollarBuddy need to watch out that not too many customers decide to make complaints.

Hi everybody,

My name is Ruslan and i work for VieDesigns(c) - Europe
I would like to thak Oscarr for his great mini review of our site, and as we are talking about it i might make some more things clear for the public ;)

The software..
Unlike most money randomizing sites, DollarBuddy.com has been constructed for an individual case, it is a customized script that was developed uniqley for that name.

The Working scheme..
You can of course call it MLM, call it whatever you most like to hear about it. :cool: While in the matter of fact, the words "electronic share-holding corporation" were chosen carefully to describe the situation. I would also like to add that it is a registered US business in the state of NY.

dollarBuddy actually works. I can tell that as a person who have full access to the administration panel of the system. In general, dollarbuddy gets something around 100.000 daily 'home'page views. (I'll leave calculating the CTR for you).. sometimes it is even better.

The fact that some members are getting hundreds of dollars, while others are getting only a dollar or two (if any) :twisted: is simply the random feature of the system. People need to understand that even we can not cheat the randomizing function. This is a random profit money making machine.

A little more..
The system (for the curious) runs on load-balanced dedicated servers, monitored by administrator(s) 24x7x365 from three different location in the world. The system utilizes a powerful helpdesk system, an automated firewall/packet rejection module, and a dedicated core for managing transactions. During 2.5 years of work, we have had 3 paypal.com complaints, which were all solved with the customer finally satisfed.

Our team, 'and yes, we are a team' browses the internet continuesly trying to find forum posts, blogs and/or anything talking about it. We are interested in knowing what you people want.

Also, dollarbuddy is fed with generous streams of USA bulk traffic everyday, we are using all mean of marketing techniques (except SPAM :mrgreen: ) to attract more and more people to the service.

PS> dollarbuddy has been on the top-5000 internet sites (according to alexa.com rating) for over 6 months, and is in the top-10000 since its first day of life.

I'll say i have written enough for today.. time for a floss

%%- (Y) 8-)

Ruslan Abuzant
VieDesigns(c) - Europe
http://www.viedesigns.com/ - A network you can trust

That's not the link to go to do not eva go to www.dollarbuddy.com instead check out >>> << url snipped to comply with forum policy >>

If you check out this site you get everything below*

*- Huge collection of ebooks
- Traffic generating porograms
- No recruiting required
- No advertising needed
- You get 100% per sale
- Lifetime membership
- Unlimited random payments
- Paypal, Stormpay and E-Gold
- Friendly support team
- Great conversion rates
- Free share weight upgrades
- Detailed activity statictics
- Free traffic points per-view

Hey, it's great that you've taken time out to explain the function of DollarBuddy more fully. I have a much better understanding of how it operates now. I think that the articles you have are a very strong feature of your site. It gives it depth and a reason to revisit from time to time. I think that for DollarBuddy to work as an income generating facility, there has to be a stream of new people signing on all the time. The only way to ensure that this keeps happening is to continue an effective marketing strategy, which I believe that you are. You are also involved in direct market research in that you are going around the different forums to see what people are saying. This is excellent business practice. The reason why I joined it in the first place was that I read your site and articles and liked what I saw. After thinking about it, you have a product. It is the opportunity to receive income from new members. It is more of a service than anything else. I suspect with the millions of people accessing the internet that it will be a long time before the 'market' gets saturated with too many members. Customers can pay only once, then they become members looking to receive their share of the income. Sustainable income comes from customer resales, where customers come back to buy again. This is where sites that sell consumables that are used up are making better money. Perhaps, if you are not already, you could consider marketing a product that customers 'use up' and then come back for more. Just an idea. You have my continued support, and when my upgraded website is still running, I will continue to promote it. Cheers

Concerning the site that Vasa16 is promoting.
It is a direct copy of DollarBuddy.
There is something called Copyright, and I think that he is violating it.
Also there is something called false advertising. When a site is promoted as being in competition with DollarBuddy (and there is nothing wrong with that), and I go to it expecting something different and competitive, and I see an identical copy of DollarBuddy, alarm bells ring inside of me, that there may be something dishonest happening. Vasa16 should get off his rear end and develop a viable product and market it. Then he might make some honest money instead of ripping others off.


That website is my refferal website to dollarbuddy. I'm not violating anything here. I'm trying to advertise my link to the dollarbuddy. Thanks for understanding.

Yep. I understand.

If it makes you a few bucks then fire ahead!


Yes This way I get paid, got paid today again........ check this site out and see for yourself>> << url snipped >>

visit the << url snipped >> site there's *Limited time offer:
NO activation fees, pay only $1 to join ..

Vasa, please do not spam or plug your website. It violates our forum rules. Generally, we do not allow any site-specific talk at all in these forums to limit spam. In addition, we do not allow any affiliate URLs on the site, period. However, I allowed Ruslan to speak in context since his "plug" was in response to someone else inquiring about his specific software.

Once you have made 10 posts, you will be allowed to post a forum signature, where you can advertise your website. You will also be allowed to post a site review, etc.

In the same day that I entered in the system, I received $3,00 DollarBuddy

Visite the site and I know the system million, in 4 days I received $30

<< URLs edited out because no affiliate URLs are permitted, per above post >>

Sorry to hear about your disappointment with Dollarbuddy. I to have a internet business << url snipped >> have try lots of pay per click companies that promise to send you customers. Warning DO Not Use Knoodle this companies will rip you off they will send Bots to your website not real customers . I was so upset when this happened and confronted them with my stats. I have a program that follows users that enter my hosting site. I started to notice that the so call customers Knoodle was sending me would never leave past the front page my stats showed that the so call person would sit on the front page for 5-10 mins never moving . A normal person would browse from one location to the next if there looking for hosting the customer would go to the hosting page ect... When I confronted one rep on the phone with my discovery I was transferred to someone's Voicemail . to make a long story short I would never recieve a return call nor Email. So I disputed the amount with my CC Company and my funds where credited back So Don't use Pay per Clicks there a rip off :mad:

Hi world,

This thread is starting to be cool.. write more we are watching :cheesy:
DollarBuddy.com now has a "No activation fees" offer.. Did you know :?:
Any comments on FAQInformation.com ?
Anybody wants his content added there?

Closing this thread before it turns into too much of a spam fest.

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