Hi all,

Happy holidays if you are in NA.

So I'm looking for the best live chat/help software there is.

Years ago I used one & it wasn't that great.

Features I want are:

1. Makes a loud noise when someone tries to connect b/c we don't want to have to sit on the site all day waiting, as it's not a busy site.

2. We can try & contact them even if they haven't initiated contact.

3. Allows me to see transcripts of conversations.

4. Allows surfer to read over previous conversation.

5. Won't screw up the site hogging the memory, won't cause problems with popups already on the site, etc.

6. The skin is nice looking or we can change it.

I think that's it for now.



hi amazing_richell

i've read your blog and it's great!

Who's Amazing Richell? LOL

Thanks guys, I have a long list now.


try hotscripts.com, they have everything you need, just search "live chat" in PHP category. Then get the live help.
You can get sound notification when connecting, you can proactively send chat invitation to visitors, chat transcripts are saved for future reference, it's skinnable and easy to change, totally headache free.

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