I have a dating site and I wish to increase the conversion ratio and gain a much larger membership. I am new to this so wonering how this is done. I know there is lots of compertion but site is at 800,000 so I have done a lot to get to here but not sure what to do next.

So how do I get better conversion ratios!!

What do you mean the site is at 800,000? 800,000 what??

Are you getting the traffic but it's just not converting as well as you would expect it to? If that's the case, put yourself in the shoes of a first time visitor. Is the navigation clear and concise? Is the price set right? (If you have to pay for membership) Does the site do a good job getting across to the first time visitor why they should invest their time (and perhaps, money) into your site?

hi there have a look and tell me what you think
any suggestion will be really helpful

It could help if your site:
1. Testimonials
2. Good tagline
3. Good pictures of smiling couples

From a marketing aspect:
1. Improve your SEO
2. Optimize your SEM/PPC - drivers to the site
3. Do lots of offline tactics.

This can help increase traffic to your site.