does anybody know how to get publisher account at doubleclick. their ads look very interesting and attractive. i want to have a publisher account at doubleclick, i visited their website and i saw so many options that i got totally confused.

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I believe they are not a network but instead simply a company which produces DART, an ad server. In other words, as a publisher, you would pay them for their DART service to serve advertising you sell yourself.

no i dont want to advertise my content or website, but i want to put banners of other products in my website. just like adsense. for instance shows banners which are from i want such banners in my weblog.

I understand what you want. But DoubleClick doesn't offer that. :) In other words, Gizmodo pays DoubleClick to be their ad server and host the actual advertisements that they sell, just as you pay your web host to serve your website pages which you create.

ohhh i see, i just misunderstood the concept. so we have to host our own advertisers.

Well if you pay DoubleClick then they will host your own advertisers. :)

On a very busy site, it takes a lot of server resources and bandwidth to deliver all of the advertisements in a very speedy fashion. A lot of people (myself included) choose to outsource that to companies such as DoubleClick so that our web servers need not worry about constantly serving Flash animations and eating away all of our bandwidth.

can anyone explain in detail please how to use double click for advertisements?

DoubleClick is an ad server. If you don't know what that is, you most likely don't have a need for one.

If you have a site and want to make some money from advertising, try Google AdSense.

Google adsense is highly recommended by anyone who deals with ads and revenue. There's not a whole lot of other reputable options, except for the major players.

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