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Please tell me how can improve traffic with social sites

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If you go through DaniWeb, you will see lots of suggestions and tips posted on this topic. For starters, you need to create profiles, have fans and followers, and start creating a sense of community in both. Be social!

Tweet about it, post it in Digg, etc. Basically, syndicate and post about it everywhere. And depending on the focus of your sites, look for forums that cater to your target markets and join them. From there you can engage in conversations and publicize your sites while doing so.

Social Bookmarking is one of the better ways to bring in traffic almost instantly to your website. But its not easy to survive using bookmarking sites, unless you really have some cool articles to share.

You can post your url all over the place but if you dont post relevant likes with valuable information and/or sales, then the click-through rate will be very minimal.

Most important is to convert the new traffic into repeat traffic and the key to that is content, content, content. Make it interesting, insightful and engaging.

I totally agree with Marketing Rob. Content..Content.. And most of all content that visitors care about.

posting to social bookmarking sites can help you increase your traffic for a day. but you need first is to have a great content in your site so online users will visit your site regularly.

Just start off by being active on forums in your niche start social bookmarking and networking and try to build good relationships.

The shell life on some of the social media communities out there are very small, like twitter. Your tweet from an hour away is equivalent to last year's press release. Thus, I do believe that one has to adjust updating on social media based on the behavior of the community as a whole. Thus, this understanding will ultimately help improve traffic to your site using social media.

make a facebook fan page and promote it but you have to pay..

Hello Friends

Please tell me how can improve traffic with social sites

Engaging on Social networking sites like facebook and twitter helps. Make sure to get more followers.

Dont forget the word "social" from social media. You have to make yourself/company social by engaging with the other followers/fans. It cant be totally static.

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