I bet there were moments where no one else believed in your idea even though deep in your heart - you knew it was a great idea. So my question is - "How do you translate a good idea into a money making opportunity?"

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I always make sure in checking the competitors and see what they are doing . If I got the idea, and research on the way on how they do it. A good idea is asking it in the forums and checking the online internet marketing tips and tutorials

I think if noone really believes in you......then you need to show them by taking action and efforts on your idea and show them that you are correct..

True. What do you believe about copyrighting or trademarking the idea before the competitors take the idea?

Good posting and also some good information

Thanks for the encouraging words.

Ensure the ethics and philosophy of your organisation are good and sound. Price is no longer the king, if it ever was. Value no longer rules, if ever it did. Quality of service and product is not the deciding factor. Good sound ethics and philosophy enable and encourage people to make 'right and good' decisions, and to do right and good things. The idea should be inline with the existing marketing plan.

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I think you can checking the competitors and see what they are doing, pormotion,price reduction,or page update?Make the competitors analysis,Can its can give you good tips.

I think it is a reather broad question, but at first, I think i will make a plan, and talk into somebody who can support me with a decent budget!

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