I just thought I will start a thread to see how we are using Twitter. There is a lot of hype around Twitter and it has seen a significant growth in user accounts and profiles. I use Twitter for creating a network of web designers in UK and we share links and posts between each other. We have about 1000 followers only but the network is being used regularly.

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I use Twitter for promoting my business.

I use twitter to promote my business, my political blog, and as a way of communicating with friends. I think that it will see its greatest value to the business world. In that area, I tweet about press releases, blog updates, event announcements, and other 'breaking news' items.

I have a few different twitter accounts - each one with a different purpose. One for personal and it is locked. The other is for a group I created and the other one is for a cybershow I produce. Different purpose and different people I follow in each twitter account.

I usually set-up multiple twitter accounts for my clients. One in particular is a tech company. One feed is for press release and event announcements, one is for tech alerts and the last one is solely set-up for the CEO so he can tweet his thoughts on various items he finds in the press. Works pretty well for them.

Personally, I only use Twitter for blog update, following what my friends are doing, and let others know about any interesting stuff that I found or did.

I was at an event a few weeks back where an exec from Avaya said that his company was able to close a couple of deals based on leads they got through monitoring twitter and responding to certain tweets. One deal was for $250k.

I'm using twitter for promoting my skincare forum and results have been quite impressive.. and i'm networking all skincare,beauty,makeup members there..

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