I want to ask you do you know some trustable website where you can sell your forum signature.I don't have what to promote right now and I think it will be profitable for me if I sell my signature.
Thank you in advance and wish you good day.

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Selling forum signatures is the same as selling links. This is against Google's Webmaster guidelines and will most surely get your website(s) penalized.

If you are looking to obtain links and web citations, build a quality and resourceful web destination that will naturally endorse your website.

If you are looking to sell links (aka your signature), you may want to rethink the strategy. If forum moderators catch on, you will most likely lose your membership. Furthermore, and probably most important, Google and other SE's do NOT place much weight on signature links. In other words, they provide little to nothing in terms of impacting SEO.


A forum signature is supposed to be much like your written signature. It's is about you and what you can offer. It's purpose is for a forum reader to peruse and follow if interested. It's not intended for the search engine, although it might be of some interest to the search engine but it's not a commodity that you want to prostitute. It's your signature.

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Now signature link has become very cheap , you get around $3 per 1000 posts per month.

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Now signature link has become very cheap , you get around $3 per 1000 posts per month.

Unreal. So if I came up with 30 bucks this month I could get 10,000 signature links. Then if I don't come up with 30 buck the next month all those links would disappear. It spiders them pretty quick too if they are all in the same place.

Reappear. Disappear. 0 signature links. 10,000 signature links.

Oh, the search engines gotta' love that yo-yo game.


I wouldn't suggest forum signatures as a way to make money.
You could spend 1 hour and write an article ...

me too...there's another way to make money...just like blogging..


it depends on what forums you post on and depends also on the quality and the amount of your post, if you go to digitalpoint forum will you find signature trade over there, but be careful the competition is so tide and if you only have low forums post you could have trouble to collect sales


Ive actually known people who do this suprisingly a link could be worth more.


Now it is not very difficult to get signature from forums. In a day I can get signature from 10 new forums it means hardly people can show their interest in buying your signature.

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