There are many tools are available now a days.But I do not trust on any kind of tools like this I do it manually .Do you use any tools like this..?

Bookmarking Demon is pretty good...though costly.

There are so many bookmarking sites but you know what? I personally prefer the old fashion way - I just copy and paste it in a draft email on gmail and then if I need it I just go to that site. I have tried the other sites but this method works for me best.

delicious is the only one I use. I find it quite useful.

delicious is the only one I use. I find it quite useful.

Same here. I have played with Digg and submitted some links to sites through there. And I use a few different twitter apps to submit through the desktop. I just signed up today for a new app called Brizzly that allows you to update both Twitter and Facebook from a single website. This could be useful also.

check out onlywire it is a pretty good one. but need some manual work.. not much

Whether it is Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon or whatever, you can set up accounts and easily submit directly in each. Also, many offer toolbars that you can install in your browser and use to easily submit to their respective sites.

Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit are the ones which are I consider best in social bookmarking because not only that they've got a lot of followers, it also do have these useful websites which are recommended by most of internet marketers. For me, connecting these websites to Twitter can be much effective because with Twitter's direct capability to market, posting business updates will be all automated although not all the time you have to post the same contents to prevent looking like spam.

I believe to do social bookmarking manually

I just posted a thread about something new called DiggStr.com. I have not played with it enought to say that it qualifies as a tool to post to social media sites but it is worth a look.

I used many tools, but to be honest, i don't like them all. Now, i only submit site, they are easy use to me, although i need more time.

many of tools are available for social posting and article posting but prefer able is manually.

I used to have spurl and snipshot for a while but now Delicious is all I use, pretty useful and helps me explore related stuff. But I cant think of any bookmark tools, other than the delicious plugin.

Hello All
More Social Bookmarking websites Avalible in internet.I believe to do social bookmarking manually only.


I never worked using tools to submit to social bookmarking sites.I always work manually and i prefer working manually is the best way of submission.

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