I think that would be difficult if your site is new. Unless you want to adopt black hat seo which will likely get you punished.

SEO is a slow and steady process. You need to adopt white hat seo if you target at profit in the long run.

Personally, I think article submission is helpful in your site promotion.

I agree with the previous poster. I do believe that article submission along with with constant relevant content refresh will help the site organic placing.

Hi Friends,

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First make sure your site is on search engines. If not you can use EnterURL.com search engine submission service to blast your site to over 100,000 search engines, directories and specialty sites.

Then start optimizing your site. This can be done in stages. EnterURL provides a service that will optimize a page which will give you the tools to optimize other pages. It is very effecive.

Then I would site up webmaster tools in google. This will be helpful in setting up free site analytics. Track your visitors, see where they go and leave.

Start at the second step and change up keywords in the optimization that EnterURL provided.

you can hire an SEO if you want to promote your website..

Perhaps you need to state what your site is. SEO is a slow and steady process. It is hard to get to the top overnight. Try to get good content first. Then go for both on page and off page seo.

Its depend upon keyword traffic and efforts

is it a good pagerank (position) in google can make people really visit your site and closed it with a good sales at the end of the day?

The fastest way to get your site ranking is by using a strategy that includes a number of carefully planned tactics. If you want to have long term success though you should avoid spammy or blackhat tactics at all costs.

I totally agree. Always follow Google's Best Practice - this way you wont jeopardize your site's listing.

It's hard work promoting your site if your not using a budget. either way though an seo will suggest that you submit articles and blogs. try sites like QYPE,my space,facebook to help you get started.

promoting your site on a short period of time can get your site into google sandbox if banned by search engine. Promoting site is a tough way you need more time and efforts. You need 3-6 months to promote your site and even sometimes year.

if you wanna quick promotion your web site so must go with PPC and other advertising program

It depends on the niche of your website, some sites rank quickly depending on the trend but there is no such thing as quick rank results if your doing it legally or should we say following the proper rules.

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