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My last post about Google AdSense Program VS Affiliate Programs, I finally chose Affiliate programs to my my focus from now on.

I have one question. Which affiliate programs are good? I am currently running male enhancement affiliate programs, but i don't make good sales from them.

Is there any other better ones?


Have a good day!

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May be you can try to search on SFI

If you have good visitor or strong marketing skill than affiliate works else i will prefer to go with google adsense where you generate money via clicks and impression.

There are many affiliate programs online. You can see many at clickbank.

You may want to try out Google affiliates program. Others include ShareASale, Amazon etc..

i suggest that you try commission soup and commission junction. There are lots of merchants from various categories and niches. You could choose another niche there that you are interested in.

basically there are no good and bad programs. it depends on what you want.

Hello All
There are many affiliate programs online.You can see many at commission junction and Amazon etc


It doesn't matter what you are promoting you will need to write good review about it on your website. And if you don't have a newsletter option add that to your website and send out news letters everyweek with the information about the product saying you came accross this product and you thought everyone should now about it so they can take advantage of it too or make something up to sound like you are providing them information and add your affiliate link to the email. Try using clean urls instead of www.qr9haqafp9haklndfq9uhfq.yourwebsite.com use something <a href = "http://www.qr9haqafp9haklndfq9uhfq.yourwebsite.com"> Website name </a> it looks more professional, i have seen this on some website and it just looks ugly and it scars people from clicking them. Find products with high commision. Like studentcredit said Cj is a good place to go. They are one of the top Affiliate programs and they have a great website and everything is very organised.

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