A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a summary of what makes your business unique and valuable to your target market and as such it is a ridiculously powerful marketing tool.

I have seen many websites with massive potential fail to get a foothold in the market because of the verbose & rambling nature of the messages on their homepage.

In my opinion, it is hugely important to sit down and create a one or two line USP to champion & suggest to the company...

The problem is that creating your own USP is actually quite tricky. I find it far too tempting to elaborate on everything the product does - rather than just the important message I want to communicate to the market.

I came across this roadmap guide to creating your own USP and as a result i was able to create a nice shortlist. (knowledgegenes.com//home.aspx?kgid=10598)

What tips / techniques do you all have for creating a USP?

Please pile in with any suggestions as I'm aiming to try as many different techniques as possible to see what works best for me!



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What you are saying sounds very much like a business plan. A business plan is required by banks and venture capitalists to determine the viability of the business and to fund it.

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