Is there a way to secure privacy in Facebook? I used to have very tight security and no one could find me. Now with the change, I get friend requests from people I never know. Annoying. Has this happened to you?

I think in the process of Facebook trying to simplify process, it made privacy harder to be controlled by users. What do you think?

I see it as a chance to get to know new people. Unless it’s obvious that the person befriending me is the facebook page for a band or something else commercial. Don’t care about those.

if you want to hide your self then why you join facebook? Tell me how do you approach by user? either from email or user name? or you are offering some branding product on face book?

i agree with the OP. The recent updates to Facebook have made it increasingly more difficult to hide certain information or grant limited access to your personal profile. One way around this is to create lists and then assign certain people to those lists. For example, you may want to hide certain information from associates or work related friends. Create a list called 'associates,' assign those people to that list, and then set permissions for that group within your Privacy settings.