I am creating fashion line for tall women.

Can someone tell me how and where can i sell my fashion clothes.

Thank you very much!

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selling on eBay
run an online shop
operate a retail shop
approach retailers
organise fashion party
car boot sale
market stall
affilliate marketing/network
catalogue, flyer, brochure

selling on eBay and operatting an online shopping cart can be your best choice. Good luck.

how bout posting it to social websites such as facebook, multiply or you can try to make a blog out of it.

Also you could try out promoting through social shopping sites and fashion oriented networking sites like stylehive.com

if you are serious about your web business, you should invest in the long term with an ecommerce website - your own online clothing store.

You can sell it at auction site like ebay, webidz,bonanzle and others and it better if you can build your own online store because we don't have to pay any fees

I vote for the Ebay as well.and alternatively you can try alibaba.build your own online store is good.but still ,if your buyer can "bid the price I think that is a great options to have a better deal for a long term period

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