How do I improve and optimize this site more

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Since its a Google site, just remember that whatever SEO tactics you employ must comply with Google. No Black Hat Tactics! Second, the site must also have the following:
1. relevant content and link it with the URL and internal links to other posting
2. Try to backlink with other blogs.

Wordpress may give you more flexibility than Blogger.

I don`t see any keywords on your site`s should start adding some. Do some keyword research and some good, non competitive ones

Three things one has to concentrate to gain traffic through search engine optimization. First is relevant and quality content on a particular keyword usually related to the product/services. Second is link building, link exchange and reciprocal linking so more sites will be pointing to your site as reference. Last one is social media participation so people who have an account on these social media sites will get to know your site.

You have to publish unique and fresh content, as well as take care about percentage of keywords too,

As well as keep on eye on getting backlinks, That too will help you a lot in getting more traffic.

What everyone said on this thread is correct. I have been a off-and-on blogger and one big lesson I learn is that is consistency - you constantly have to create content and content that your visitors care about!

I also have a blog and I have to say that QUALITY and informative content is the key for success. Sure, other things are important as well but quality content is imperative.

Make sure your blog title is SEO friendly and make your Meta Keywords and Description SEO friendly too

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