Want To Get On The Front Page Of A Keyword Being Searched 500+ Times a Month Easy
Kinda Important: I turned my website SNIPPED which is a non-commercial satire website into a blog last month. Very first day I launched the blog it had 300+ Uniques from social bookmarking websites. Since, the term SNIPPED is extremely unique and new the front page is filled with crap.

The search term is searched about 500 times a month judging by an Google Analytics report.

MY PROPOSAL: You create an optimized webpage on your blog/ website and link to my website SNIPPED. OF COURSE, I would hope you give an extremely positive review since I'm trying to mutually benefit us both. Even though I dont make any money from my website.

No need to reply or anything just if you want to do this it's an offer.

Thank you and you're welcome.

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Ok, any serious marketer like most of the ones who participate in this and other important forums, would consider this an insult. There is no real quality to this site, therefore our links will be associated with a site whose home page, as you said, is crap. Then why even bother.... we do not want to waste our time or yours... Thanks but no thanks.

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