I set up an accounts based on a niche. Amass a ton of friends followers with the tools (below). Then i will create groups/fanpages then invite all friends followers to these groups then i will just put my links in my groups/fanpages i created so they are merely small ads and not really spamming anyone.

I got a great deal and am passing it to you. 6 for the price of 2. I got Twitter Blaster Pro, FaceBook Blaster Pro, Tagged Blaster Pro, Bebo Blaster Pro, YouTube Friend Bomber & MySpace Friend Bomber ALL Unlimited Licenses, to install on as many computers as you want for only $<snip> !!!
www MySpaceFriendList com

Hope this helps,

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Hey James, First of all welcome to DaniWeb. This is great you developed this, yet I think you have posted it in the wrong thread. This is a call to action which will be interpreted as a sales comment. Just to avoid that you face any difficulties in the future, I suggest you list it in the Business Exchange. In addition I do not think your first post should have been a call to action.


I totally agree with you Jenn. I also recommend that the first post poses a question or inquiry rather than be a testimonial for some product with a link that might be seen as self promotional.

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