Can you suggest some best Email Marketing Service providers?

Use iContact before, can't say am fully satisfied with them. Direct Response is better imho.

I am not sure if we should be doing that here, but I can PM you with some services that we provide as well as others that I have used.

It depends what you are planning to use your ESP for - just simple email list reminders or behavioral targeting. I recommend:
1. Low end
a. constant contact
b. emma
2. high end
a. bronto
b. gold lasso

Can you suggest some best Email Marketing Service providers?

It would depend upon your goal. If it is somethng generic, quick and cheap, then you can go with Constant Contact. If you are looking for something inexpensive and branded to your company, then Loyal Customer Club is a solid Choice.

Email-M.Com is the best email marketing service provider.

I never used any Email marketing services for drive traffic.

I have used quite a few. But it really depends on what you are looking for. One of the places that offers an assortment of services is, I found them on a forum, and have no complaints with the results.

I have seldom used them before. Thinking they are not that effective. But it really depends on what you want.

Famous providers besides Constant Contact are Campaigner, iContact and Vertical Response.

Actually I think there is no need for email marketing. We can drive traffic by other source too.

Thank you guys, for all your suggestion, Let me try the new and best one.

I do recommend Gold Lasso or Bronto.

Just try Mail chimp it will be best for you because it has many features

Hi hashif,
I think you should avoid it, email marketing without email list is suspicious,they could be false claim and only using robot to hit your site so that it look get traffic, my suggestion start build your own email list from your blog subscriber and use icontact as your email tools

It would depend upon your goal. You can go with Constant Contact for generic, quick and cheap service. Loyal Customer Club is also a good choice to your company.

Have you tried with any freelancer sites? I am sure that you can find the service providers like email marketers there. Specially on Have you tried with that?

Last week I had hired a guy over there and he is working for me on blogging. I had seen there others had posted project for email marketing too.

I use the Express E-Mail Marketing Service from and no matter where I am I can reach my clients.They provided me a list of subscribers ,and helped me to send e-mails to them,track down the result and get the valuable feedback from my customers.I was able to campaign in social networks which comes free with the plan.

YOu can use MailChimp as well, it is good email marketing software and very popular too.

There are many you can search them on google as you need someone who got active list of mail ID's.

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