What is the benefits of social networking?

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Oh my, that is a big question. First of all, if it was not through social networking, I would not be able to communicate with you nor would it be possible for people from all over the world to communicate. Second, social networking is ever present. Third, social networking always existed in one way or another.

Social Networking has become the center piece of millions and millions of people every day lives. Lets take twitter as an example. You have the power of word of mouth to push your company or business to next level "Socially". Being able to advertise your ideas and views socially has become so big it's amazing. Benefits? Well just look at todays top social networking success stories. Facebook,Myspace,Twitter etc etc ... Should tell you allot.

I agree with above comments... Keeping in contact seems great, but the downfalls are scary like predators, fakes, anyone has access to your page.

I thing It is a great place to keep in touch with the millions of communities on the web, it increases websites traffic to ..........

Social networking is best place to promote your business on net and to connect several people of different countries.

So Lenny, what is your conclusion after reviewing all these responses?

Social Networking can be taken to be an optimizing technique involving some online communities. The most beneficial part of social marketing is that you can connect with a lot of people directly and can interact on a daily basis. You can promote your product or services without any cost and in an easy way. The only thing you have to do is promptly respond and stay connected with all the prospects to increase your business.

good discussion all!
one of its benefits are to make your site visible in the search engines.. as such sites have good PR and reputation among SEs so they can make your site stand high in the SERPs..

Social networkings can help to meet new people all around the world, it can help you also to find your friends that you haven't seen for a long time, and it can help also to promote your website..

Hi, I think the advantages of social networking can be understood in following aspects:

Firstly, it's cheap or say cost effective.

Then you definitely can obtain the customers' confidence by connecting to them on both a personal and professional level.

By using a social networking, you can form a web of connections with people which can spread the word about your business fast and fine.

Business owner can spread brand to many places over the Social site

Social networking will provide more exposure to your product and service and it can able to provide you the targeted audience.

Social book marking is one of the way to share your comments, promote your website. It is called as SMO - Social Media Optimization.

Well, despite of the fact that every new social networking websites sooner or later transforms into internet-marketing tool, it help as to keep in touch with other people from whole the World. It helps us to create another reality which time after time seves us from loneliness. It helps us to enjoy communication with our family and friens on distance and at the same time - to earn money to make our living :)

In my own experiences, social networkings site like twitter would be really helpful in generating direct traffics before our SEO efforts come into effect. Also, by putting your homepage links in your tweets, you would usually get your sites being indexed more promptly.


As long as you do it the right way, there are many benefits to social networking. These can help increase traffic to a site, expose your site or product, and allow you to network. However, because of the fact that the vast majority of people using these sites do so for entertainment, it is imperative that we set a goal, and a time limit for using these sites. If not we can get caught up in the socializing frenzy and lose lots of valuable time. It is also important that we only allow as friends or followers people that are interested in what we have to offer; people who are there for business or to network.

We can get touch over the social site and share information whith many users so it's very beneficial we can also promote our business by social bookmarking site

Social Networking is very beneficial now days as it is a medium by which we can interact with millions of people online and share our views.
Social networking also boosts up website's presence and popularity on the web.

social networking sites like facebook and twitter is a great help in internet marketing, you can advertise and promote a product that you want to market. Social networks also is a way where you can update your friends and relatives, you can share photos, thoughts, videos and experiences easily.

social network/bookmark sites are becoming the back bone of today's seo... they provide u the relevant traffic as well as the other seo benefits... a must have seo consideration

there are a a lot benefits from the social networking sites many of them are already stated above but from the point of view of a professional seo expert the biggest advantage is TRAFFIC GENERATION. yes social networking sites helps in deriving a lot of traffic to the client's site which ultimately leads to goal conversion.

In a nutshell "Traffic to your website" In the very near future the way marketers do business online will change forever, now people in marketing sell to people they don't know but because of social networking and many other ways of networking online this is about to change, think about it has a marketer for a minute, who would you rather build a list of potential customers of strangers or of people that already know you or about you and that you have had time to earn there respect. I don't know about everyone here but I love meeting new people online and I have made some great business contacts and many have come from socializing at places like Facebook, tagged, LinkedIn Network and the sort, what you people have access to right now online is bigger than anything I have seen in my 53 years of life, seize the opportunity and profit from it. Social networking is a great way to have fun and earn a great living from at the same time.

Social networking site boost up the traffic of the website, we can create great community, group, and can share lots of things like links, photo, video and many more.

social networking sites are very beneficial for seo because it provide you good traffic to your site.

Social networking sites provide you to good platform to increase your business popularity as well as increase your site traffic and If you doing work on these sites in proper way and seriously you can get good results in few days.

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