Internet presents itself as a convenient and profitable mode of conducting the business and this has been very well realized by the organizations that have eagerly moved forward to make effective use of this advanced medium. Firms now adopt internet marketing to reach their target customers and try to establish a strong Web Identity. Internet or Online marketing in Canada has seen an upward trend with many organizations hiring Internet marketing Companies for Website Designing and Website Optimization.

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Thanks for re-inforcing this message about SEO and internet marketing. I think us, Internet Marketers, recognize the need and importance of SEO and how it can not only drive traffic to the site but increase conversion.

Yes, we have witnessed a drastic increase in online marketing and site promotion these days.

SEO is really helpful in winning a great staatus in business.

Small businesses are especially aware of the benefit from it.


you are absolutely right. There is no doubt that the internet marketing have play a vital role in online business specially the E-mail marketing. Because the it's a key communications tool in the marketing mix for small and medium sized enterprises. It is also cost effective, targeted, personalised, measurable and good for attracting and retaining customers.


When talking about Online Businesses, internet marketing will always be the second thought right after. They are connected as per Google is concerned.. :D Internet marketing is a very essential medium to business.

If you have a digital presence, you definitely need online marketing drivers - both paid (SEM) and unpaid (SEO).

Internet Marketing and SEO are two very common words you frequently see on internet. Most of the people also aware about the basic purpose of them. If you would like to use your website for effective promotion of your products or service then you must do SEO/Internet Marketing for your site. But of course you need proper planning for achieving success online. Doing SEO in unorganized way can't show you positive result.

Good tips. Now every body know the importance of SEO by reading this thread.

SEO is very helpful and popular nowadays in online marketing.

Here are some strategies you could do in internet marketing:

Publish articles or send emails.
Write and publish online press releases.
Blogging and interacting with visitors.
Proper on page optimization
Get ranked at the top in major search engines, and practice good Search Optimization Techniques

I also believe in using offline promotion to boost website traffic. It be great to use vanity urls but with relevant keywords to link up with web analytics and observe the success of the offline promotion.

SEO is the only way to push traffic to our sites, but we have to do white hat SEO .

SEO is so Dynamic it is hard to keep up with all the many changes that is happening. Besides these forums are there other places to see the latest trends on the algo changes? Oh by the way, we had our google update just alittle over 1 week ago, when can we expect the next one?

It depends on when the search engine picks up the new content. I heard crawlers can be sent weekly or more often.

Very helpful tips buddy thanks for sharing

I am agree completely with you. If you have a website for online business, then first you have to go for proper Search Engine Optimization.
This is the way to make your site visible in the SERP and make your website a brand awareness, but go properly, ethically step by step.

And you will surely gain results.

SEO with paid and free can give you awesome advantages.

Yes, we have witnessed a drastic increase in online marketing and site promotion these days.
SEO is really helpful in winning a great staatus in business.
Small businesses are especially aware of the benefit from it.

I am sure non of us doubt about the effective of seo optimization to drive steady traffic,but need to be note,traffic not always revenue and it happen to me right now

The advertisement has become an inevitable part of the business world. It is very important for improving the business conditions and also improves the buying ability of the customers.

Hi dude,
Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in current days growing very rapidly in the market. Because every one is going online for purchasing goods, that's why companies are hiring internet marketers in their organization for covering market.

SEO is changing gears fast with the new redesign of google search results. For some industries SEO is dead and you will not see much value from getting on the first page because of the addition of brands, shopping, images, maps, etc...

small shops are getting pushed way down the page

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