On Mashable, I read an article about Ning. This article made me think about how the current social media ecosystem has centered around Facebook and Ning has been pushed out due to its business model and pricing structure. I have used Ning before and to be honest, I liked Ning but the security aspect of it was a little cumbersome.

So what do you think? mashable.com/2010/04/18/ning-alternatives/

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Yes, I am using the Ning. And I have created a sub-domain on the ning and have posted also some blogs on there.

And I am also getting traffic on my website.


yeah i've heard about Ning and have this site in my pipeline to work on it... seems good site after reading here.. will try it now


I read it somewhere that Ning is shutting down all their free sites and if you want to keep your site then you have to pay.

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