Hi all,

I suggest you to advertise your business fast and simple. You can suggest your business website or related article to us and this may generate for your site real visitors and potential customers, respectively.
The websites, where you can use this option are:

- for direct service realizers, producers, suppliers, consulting companies: db2b info and business-webdirectory org

- for tourism related business: tourism.business-webdirectory org

This option is possible with the collaboration of Astrela Ltd.

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There are many free ad forums. You can try that too by Googling "Free Advertising Forums".


I think the most effective way to advertise online on the internet is to first setup a website and optimize it for major search engines.


Free classified submissions are enough for doing advertisement of your site free over search engines.


No, I offer the other forum visitors to show their business sites via my sites for free. But only real business sites, not informative or directory sites.


I wonder what is your business model for your business? I do appreciate you are advertising business for free - just make sure you have a good spam filter in place to prevent fakes.

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