As you are trying to assess the traffic of your website, aside from reviewing the analytic reports, what other accessory tools or plug-in do you use to monitor traffic. I know some tools are browser based meanwhile others are analytic tool based. I found this one for Google Analytics - - but its not applicable for other tools. So what do you recommend?

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I use website analytics from to track my website visitors and to measure the reach.

Thanks. Do you use it for big sites or just for small sites?

We use it for big sites as well.

Have you been tempted to use Google Analytics?

Yes in fact I have used google as well. But gostats gives me updated results by the minute in realtime and hence I prefer to check stats using as I can do and decide things instantly.

I use clicky and my raw server traffic logs.

I have found other analytics tools to add better data analysis, some are widgets and some are add-ons.

What are they ?

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