If you are looking at making money on the Internet seriously consider investing in a professional website. No matter how great your product is it will not sell if you don't take the time to build up the platform.

- Market research - analyze your keywords, industry, competition, customers, Revenue streams, etc

- Professional design that leads customers through the sales process

- Cutting edge programming features such as video, rss news feeds, forums, customization, etc.

Redesigning a website can increase conversion rates through the roof... after everything is tested then spend your money on adertising, otherwise it could be wasted

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I agree that overall appearance can take you a long way. AFTER ALL, first impressions ALWAYS matter. Yet, I also think that the success of a site and a product depends on so much more than just cosmetic. Appearance can take you so far, marketing will take you EVEN further, and content is what will take you the rest of the way.

For example, you can have the best looking and professionally designed site but if you do not promote to bring people to your site, NO ONE will know about it.

Yes appearances are only the beginning but if you get the foundation of your website wrong then the rest of your marketing efforts will not get the full results.

It's possible to build a site that lives purely on word of mouth advertising. I'm talking a very slick viral marketing campaign designed into the website that has legs and works on it's own.

Market research, analysis, and testing should be completed before designing the website. Could save lots of time and resources when it comes around to marketing

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