We are small team developping websites. The last website we want to create is for forcing people to click on an ad or several ads (or by foollowing steps) so we can raise funds to buy copies of a game and give it for free to the 30th or so person who clicked and continu this way. Which kind of ad is the most paid and doesn't require a high traffic. Since the website will not have any traffic at first.

Many propositions are welcome and if your advices works well we will find a way to thank you.

Isn't this spammy? It's called click fraud. What advertiser is going to advertise with you knowing that the people clicking their ad most likely are not interested in what they have to offer, but are only in it to potentially win a prize.

In fact there is people who still want to be advertises even if they know that the people are only clicking to get something (there is a lot of website that pays you to watch ads and the people putting there ads on these sites are totally aware of this). So we were more thinking in that way rather than the spam thing.

Our goal isn't to spam and if you are telling us it is fraud we will clearly put an X on this

If you are very open right from the start in recruiting advertisers and letting them know exactly what they are buying, then it could work. There are some advertisers who will pay a very, very cheap price just to get traffic to their site, even if the traffic is not from people genuinely interested in purchasing their products/services. But if you intend to pay people or incentivize people (via the possibility of winning a prize) to click on Google AdSense ads, for example, it is considered click fraud and violates the Google terms of service.

I would not recommend doing this. It is spammy tactics that advertisers will consider click fraud and you will most likely get banned and not paid.

Well thank you for your recommendations. We will consider your advices. We were aware that google adsense doesn't permit that kind of clicking encouragement and it was not in our intentions.

The point of our idea is not to make people click ads. We only want a way to raise money so people could have a chance to get a free copie of a game if they come in a great number. If there is any other mean that seems more ''politicaly corrrect''. We are eager to hear about them.