:?: please tell me step by step how to put a banner in a website??

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You need to access your html code or contact your web developer.
One of the easiest ways to view your html code is to open the site in Internet explorer, then right click on the page, and click “view source”.
Then place the banner anywhere you want on this text document and save the page as "nameofpage.html"
Now upload that new page to your site.

Please PM me if you need help. I am willing to help.

copy and paste the given banner url from your vender. to add to it like text and colored text, etc. try going to a site you like and "view source"

then copy the way they coded it. With practice you too can write code. lol I can and I'm such a luddite.



:?: please tell me step by step how to put a banner in a website??

:rolleyes: Im so dumb at this---use to know how------I need to put banner with the banner picture link on my website aint sure how too been trying all day got lots more to put on---some hlp please:sad: :?:

The <a href> tag will basically point the banner to where u want it to go whatever the landing page would be and the <img> tag will point to your ' banner ' that is the image file hope that helps ya =)

a purpose built website either for personal use or business should have in the tools HTML
with this you create a link whether being a banner for a business or direct link to another business website,i have enclosed an example

border="0" /></a>

i hope this helps

Thanks, but it doesn't. I was trying to put it on facebook, but it didn't work. Now I have to wait for my neice to get off from work, hopefully she'll help me. I'm staring to feel like I'm retarted. I know that I'm not, but I have such a hard time doing things on the computer, like setting up an AUTORESPONDER. WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING IT EXCEPT ME???

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