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New to SEO/SMM and would like to see if anyone has any tips or tricks that will help me drive traffic to my blog? What do you do that has been working? Any help would be appreciated : )

Thanks James, I am using those now : )

There are many ways to help increase traffic. Some are free and some are paid, the secret lies in using a combination of both.

1- Email marketing, which entails an assortment of services like solo ads, contact solo ads, newsletters, ezines.
2- Do SEO - SEO entails two fundamental sections on-page and off-page tactics. On page includes meta tags, quality content, titles, H1 - H3. Off-page includes among other things, forum posting, blog commenting, classifieds, social bookmarking, article writing and submitting.

Remember, that what works for some people does not work for others. There is NO one size fits all marketing plan. Each person and business benefits in a different way or form from their promotion.

Create unique content, then submit it to the major social bookmarking and link sharing services. Social bookmarking has the great ability to reach where search engines cannot.

Article marketing is one of the best method to drive more traffic. you need to concentrate on article content to get huge traffic.

Hello! How are you doing!

Well, as it was mentioned before -you have to perform a SEO. But there are two types of SEO: on-page and off-page. You'd better start with on-page which mean to do improvements on your website, such as a good design, keywords rich content, meta tags and HTML coding, ect. After you will be done with on-page one, you can switch to off-page which means to do article writing and submission, blog and forum posting and commenting, link exchanging and socialbookmarking.

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I would personally recommend social media marketing, social bookmarking, article marketing (writing and submitting to directories) and blog creation. There are other strategies like search engine submission and email marketing. But I haven't tried them yet. Currently, I find social media marketing as the most effective.

If you get your article or bookmark on the front page of the top social bookmarking websites, you could receive significant traffic.