Is facebook a better platform than twitter for online promotions?

my view: Both are different platforms, It depends on the nature of your business.

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Of course, Facebook is even better medium than twitter, Twitter is character restricted and facebook not. Traffic conversion rate is much better in facebook than twitter.

Depends, if you have a twitteraccount with a large number of followers you could get higher conversion rates promoting your product there. However, for advertising Facebook is a better medium than twitter (not really expensive either compared to adwords).

If you don’t have a lot of personal contacts, then Twitter is good because you will have an audience and some interaction in short quips.

i beleive facebook is a better platform for marketing as twitter has only text and certain limit of words one can post ,in facebook you can add pics a hell lot a text videos and more ... facebook is a better medium

It all depends on your niche and target group - are they more of a facebook group or a twitter group? Also, will your content be more appropriate for Facebook or twitter. And most of all, once you put it on Twitter - you have to be sure - it does not get lost in the Twitter Sky. Facebook is more push and visible for this end.

It depends... in one study Twitter was found to be the optimal first choice for most Business to Business applications while Facebook was found to be the optimal first choice for most Business to Consumer strategies.

I think that it is wrong to choose which one is better because it is really two diff things, they are incomparable. Each of it has its own advantages and each should be used by good webmasters.

Facebook is good social website because last time ban in pakistan reason Holy Prophit Muhammad (SAW)is some bad pictures use.

Hi,I think facebook is better then twitter.


Yeah i think bolth of them are good promtional sites. And most importantly it depends upon the nature of business..

Facebook allows you to post images of your products, make promotional ads for advertisements and send multiple invites faster and much more easier than Twitter.

I found twitter better than facebook, but maybe that was because I used a company facebook instead of a personal facebook to spread our website. Do you think I should make another facebook account to see if I can get better results. By the way I am afraid to connect my personal facebook to my company facebook, I don't want to mix my family and friends with my business clientel.

It is more advisable to stick with both of them, However, I am getting more traffic via twitter rather than facebook.

An overwhelming response says that Facebook is better, but I beg to differ. In order to vocalize your promotion, you either have to pay for an ad or be friends/fan-ned by your audience. In the case of twitter, I feel people are more inclined to follow versus friend/fan on facebook. With this being the case, you can easily gain a larger audience. Not only this but it can get retweeted to others who aren't following you as well.

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