i am planning to start new business to earn Google Adnsense . Here i am planning to make new website and hire few content writer who will write content on daily basis and we will upload to server with google Adsense and do as much as SEO we can do to earn more and more adsense money . We know internet marketing so there will no problem but i want know is it nice idea or not ? and looks visible ?

What we going to do with new website for Adsense (Google) ?
---Find Easy Domain which google can crawl easily
---upload website wtih Adsense setup
--- Wait for google which come and crawl that easily

Please tell me your personal view for google adsense.

Cost will not more then 150$ for each website so no ..matter of money also just want know that works fine or not !

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Google is not going to approve your website unless it is atleast 6 months old.

I don't think Google take that much to crawl or approve of a website, definitely not that much, it might take a month for the most part,

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This process may work upto some extent but you never know. There is some initial effort and time you need to put in when you start a new website. When you buy a new domain, it takes some time for search engines to crawl it. If you keep updating the contents and keep doing on page and off page optimization, your website may get crawled frequently. As your domain ages, it adds to the value of website. You have to constantly build quality backlinks.

You may also advertise your website using adwords or other programs offered by yahoo and microsoft. This is whole another topic you need to get acquainted with, if you do not know it already.

And most important, I am assuming you already have an adsense account, otherwise your site must be few months old to get approved. Good Luck!

Yeah, I just added a new site to my Adsense account. My Adsense account has been activated for a little over a year so when you want to add a new site it works right off-the-bat.

Also, I add any new site to as many free blog directories and dmoz.org. I have found when I do that and then submit to Google and Yahoo my sites are index much faster.

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