In the link above is a report that over the last few days, numerous AdWords accounts have been suspended. The owners of the accounts received only an e-mail telling them that their accounts were suspended and that their ads will not appear in Google searches. Most of the people who had their accounts suspended were new to AdWords or had outsourced their AdWords optimization to a 3rd party. The reason given for the suspension was violation/non-compliance with Google's terms of service and ad policies.

If you were one of these unfortunate parties, would you be willing to share what it was you think you did to earn the suspension? And a question for everyone, is it fair for Google to suspend accounts and pull ads without at least one warning (assuming that there was no warning sent, which is what I interpreted from the post)?

This is truly scary. Though Google is the leader for paid search, such Google practice will definitely alienate customers and they will instead advertise on Yahoo/Bing. I am also looking forward to members sharing their stories.

I just cannot comprehend a warning. I realize that they state in their guidelines that there are certain do's and dont's but to act so decisively without a warning is a bit extreme. We are not talking about gun safety where one ignored rule could lead to someone being hurt or killed, these are search engine ads.