I am thinking of Press Release and article submission because it carves a permanent place on internet. Then pay per post, but in pay per post thing, top blogs will charge a lot of money. My other option is Email marketing. My thought on PPC is that it comes and goes, yeah it does gives traffic but google can take away my $2500 in one hour if i go for it, so i don't want PPC for now. What i need is a steady permanent traffic. Also i might outsource link building job which can give me backlinks and traffic. Other than these, what can guarantee me some serious members to the service?

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Well, first - have you identified your target market? Who you want to respond and visit your site? This will help you narrow down where you send your Press Releases and help you determine the subject matter that will interest them the most.

What are you trying to accomplish? What kind of business or website do you have? This will also determine the best place to put your message since you can target the appropriate sites and not just any and every one.

Why aren't you blogging about your site or business? If you want to find out who blogs the most about relevant subjects that will relate to your service/product http://technorati.com/ is a good start. It will also help you track how often your company/product is being talked about (not exactly of course, but gives good estimates).

I am not a big fan of email marketing - a lot of people have spam filters and many times it doesn't get through.

You mention the Pay Per Click - if you target who you want to be your customers this will also help cut down on that cost a lot. You don't have to go all out on those, you can start small.

Focus on the ways you can get your name out free too - create your own blog, facebook, SEO practices to help get your site up in the listings of search engines. As for guarantees - there really are none.

I think Marketing is a never ending struggle, and always will be. From PPC, SEO to simple viral widgets, new strategies and even free alternatives must be implemented every now and then.

i'm only 100 dollar budget, still enough.. depend on people

Email marketing and video mail marketing are options if you know the other person. Obviously there are many free email services, and sites like mailVU.com, eyejot.com, and tokbox.com provide free video email service as well from your webcam. You would just have to put in the time to send out your messages and keep you distribution list clean so you are not accused of spam.


I am presuming that Your much be aware of all CPC ,CPI , CPA , Only lead, SEO,Email Marketing,Blogs, Etc.

First Set the target lets you want to do Branding & Lead Generation Campaign so start with Search marketing on google,bing & yahoo & other search partner of google or yahoo etc. This will get you to your targeted customer who are looking for your product & service this is very important step because we need to give information about us .
Than go for all website who have banners & text ad options.

We have evaluate this traffic & click & cost & conversion & analysis from which location we are getting traffic alot more

if still you need more info than tell us we will provide you .

Email Marketing and Article Marketing is very effective way

you need to try seo works for your website promotion.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the natural, manual or un-paid (organic or algorithmic) search results. they can give you lots of traffics and high ranking for your website. link building is one one the seo methods they can improve your traffics, PageRank and SERPs. and its depends on how many works you can doing on your sites. if you do high quality of seo works so you can generate high traffics very easy with fast. you can contact me for more details.

Good to hear that you aware all online marketing tools. do you have any strategic plan road map for your marketing campaign? If not yet then i can help you to establish the marketing roadmap

Article Submissions
Social Bookmarking
Link Wheel
Forum Posting
Blog Commenting

Those are the best ways to spend your marketing $.

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