when I open my mail, I have 2 buzz followers and the 1st one is someone I dont know. I remember sending him an email once for an inquiry. I dont like the idea of the person you contacted before will appear there, and you dont have an option not to follow you. are there any privacy options? Maybe I missed that out.

Google claims they have added or will add some privacy options. However, if you have a Gmail account, you hjave been automatically opted into Buzz, and your contacts have been added to the Buzz netowrk, which seems a little presumptuous to me... another example of Google's utter disregard for privacy.

I've turn off Buzz in all my Gmail accounts. I just want Email. Nothing else.

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Google has made it really hard to have any sense of privacy.

Buzz will add all email in your accounts as you followers, if you post something, it'll send notification to all followers.
But you can turn it off,
It's still some issues in Buzz privacy and securities.

Is it possible to off the google buzz? I am getting the unknown buzzes.