Hello friends,
How you doing. I am Mohit from India. I m going to start Seo blog for free seo tutorials and every thing related to Online marketing. The reason behind to start a blog is I am seo from past 3 years and i don't have any identity on web as a seo expert or anything else. So i want to make an identity of my and others who are from this field. So i want to give a chance to those guys who are really passionate about Online marketing and want their identity as a seo authors or seo Guru.

Please contact me if u are passionate and want to become a part of our team.


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No one is going to want to be a guest blogger (read: associate MY name and MY reputation with someone we don't know) unless we appreciate and admire your work. Please begin by creating a blog. Contribute good content. Get it started. Then, if we like what we read, we will want to be a part of it.

hi dear,
Thanks a lot. I will work hard to prove myself so that u can be a part of my blog and i will wait for that day.

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