What would you do with it? Would you put it in a high yield savings vehicle?, buy a stock or two?, invest in a website or other internet business?, start a service business at home?, start a business leveraging low cost off shore help?, spend it on something fun?..

I'm just curious. I have started several businesses, closing the last one after 15 years of service. I've not looked at many opportunities and don't know a whole lot about the web from a business building standpoint. This is a historically bad economy but I firnmly beleive that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, therefore, there is SOMEPLACE in the economy that's growing just as fast as others are falling.

This site (Daniweb) as so many smart and creative types with strong opinions on everything, so I thought this would be a fun creative question to pose.

Do you think you could turn that $500 into $5,000?, $500,000?...

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DaniWeb was started with MUCH less than $500, so yes, anything is possible.

Hi. I'm new here today. Found the sight by accident. Looked interesting.

So, Yes.

Of course you can create a condition to generate $500k, $1mil, $5mil and better. Just takes guts, smart strategy, knowledge and the effort of know-how. Consider this; Nothing takes the place of experience, however, this is not always true . I've grown to discover that instinctual wisdom occurs, when the above mentioned factors are in blended sympathy of application. Think about it.

You asked some questions. I would invest in a website AND other internet business. I haven't made a dime on the Internet however, I have to because my health when south and I'm dealing with a disability called MS. No 9 to 5 for me.

Because of this and other factors, I had been battling on the net with no general success. Currently, that's changing as we speak, only because I'm now considered somewhat very knowledgeable concerning the dynamics of Internet activity.

Years ago I dabbled on the internet. I didn't know then, what I do know now. RECESSION DOESN'T WORK ONLINE. I've written a book called '7' Keys To Ecommerce Wealth, with that understanding in mind. I say this because the mechanisms to capture online income, are and have been in place for some time. Yes, I know what I will do with an investment, but first, let's answer your questions:

1. I would start a service business offline, BUT, only if it was focused on online marketing efforts bringing solution to the the non-internet marketing business audience, of which there are many times more than online marketers.

2. I would not buy stock as volatility needs to settle across the board and $500 is too little to invest. High yield savings vehicles are currently not that. You can investigate this in lieu of Elliot wave progression.

3. Also, Square Root calculation based on market low from 2nd quarter. You can do projection as of September, which is the end of the third quarter.

4. Also, Ermanometry cross referencing calculations will justify WHEN to speculate any investment.

5. Banking climate is less than ideal in the U.S., and it might be smarter to get a high interest hard money loan if you are looking to start some kind of significant business (not recommended or necessary).

6. Interest yielding securities aren't the wisest move at this stage of the game unless you plan to invest no less than $250k as the ROI is tied to the filtering of economic policy (both long and short term risky).

7. Low cost offshore entities are potential powder kegs in lieu of future domestic policies attempting to recover or recapture monetary assets that allude the domestic tax system. Favorable tax treatment and non-disclosure polices of foreign domiciles are somewhat up-in-the-air regarding efforts to come to terms through sovereign treaty and agreement. Might be better leverage to establish and own your own offshore bank.

8. I could go on...

By the way, if you've run a business in the past, you no more than you think. I say this because I believe that confidence in any discipline, as well as business building, is an interchangeable art, and it transposes its intent to a decision of whom you want to align yourself with and do business. At least this is what I believe.

Hope this answers a question or two.

Aatyum aka: Tom Garris

<plug snipped>

I would pruchase some domain name and hosting service and then I would start working, doing web marketing,

i would try to earn from Adsense only.

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