Short and to the point. Computer on yesterday and shuts off. Does not turn on but power light on. Gateway says unplug everything and start 1 by 1 replugging and hold test switch of 5 seconds. PSU 160 watt test ok but fan running slow. Plug in each connection and all test OK. When I plug the P6, fan starts but stops and test fails. Question is the motherboard gone or poor power supply?

Gateway 500 SE
40 GB hard drive
Intel 400792 Motherboard
P4 1.8 Processor
Newton 160 Watt Power Supply

Thanks TreeRat

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From what I understand you are unplugging and plugging the power cables.

What you need to do is take off all components. ie. PCI, ISA, USB, Mouse, Keyboard, VGA, Aux Fans (Non-essential Case Fans) etc. Leave only the Processor and the RAM, You want to hear one single Post beep.

If you don't hear the beep then Remove the RAM, Boot now you want to hear couple of beeps.

If you still don't hear any beeps then your motherboard or Processor is bad.

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I have a similar problem gateway 500 se upgraded to 1 gb ram with windows xp installed reads ram after going to my computer then properties in xp.. so i tried to upgrade to windows 7 via usb install.. blue screen popped up with text said cpu shutting down to prevent damage halfway through install.. now when i turn on gateway screen doesnt even pop up.. wondered if bios got modified with the slic 2.1 certificate and if thats why the screen stays black.. all lights green and everything runs fans, disk drives, hard drives.. etc... tried reseating ram and just removed the watch battery gonna try shouldve left xp in i guess.. bios was not updated prior to windows 7 attempted install but am stuck now.. no beeps in startup either but with ram removed i get 3 beeps....

Try creating a new thread and post your problem. Posters will help you.

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