Business to Business in short (B2B) might be a new terminology for some people but not for those who have been using the internet to promote their import and export business. I found the import & export business rather hard until I came to a B2B portal where you can find a business partner and start trading without stepping out of your office for marketing purposes.
By registering your business on a B2B platform you can increase your revenue and business growth efficiently and cost effectively. However, the B2B portal will only benefit your business if you know how to use it and how to present your profile on a B2B platform; otherwise it will be just another website for you. No matter how good your product is but unless you expose it to the potential buyers properly, you can't make the most of it.
Nowadays the internet has become the most reliable tool for advertisement.
Many small enterprises have become big companies by adopting online marketing strategies. Since I joined I have witnessed that with B2B websites the International Trade has become much easier, cost effective and efficient.


Do you know someone who can male alibaba clone something like ?


Thanks for sharing this secreate.

I did'nt got what you want to expalin..........Please read some more threads

Yes, B2B Online Business is great to earn money. Thats why i am looking someone to make alibaba clone for me like i said in my previous message.

I have researched a lot on it, and found B2B online business have much charm to earn good money. making billions of dollars every year with the membership fee? so why i can not? Thats why i decided to start this online business ASAP.

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