What exactly is social media?
Is if only creating an account and profiling?
Is it to share what you want?
How do we identify the target market your social media (especially twitter and facebook)?

I would be happy to hear your ideas and thoughts.


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Social media as by its name is to have the social experience over the internet. So we can make friends find anyone in the world if he/she is on that social media. make clients on the social media, even some people make business deals there. So social media is the best way to run a successful business.

that is general practice. how do you turn your friend and others into customers? Don't you think it is difficult?

As the name suggests social media is all about interacting and creating social relations with them. Try to interact closely with those people who take interest in your business. This will help you in getting potential business leads.

i see. so how do we find friends in facebook and twitter. I have a facebook fanpage.

Social media is media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.Many companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon. They are on Facebook, they tweet, blog, and some have even social shopping sites which is great.

not only profiling it also attract traffic towards your website..

Social media is an integral aspect to your overall success. You need to know who your audience is and what they are looking for. Your audience can be narrowed down based on the niche of your product. On twitter, your niche is primarily watching out for specific keywords, or "hashtags". For your niche, you can find the specific hashtags your potential customers are reading about.

For example, at hashtags.org I want to know what customers are looking at when they want to know more about their interests/products and so I type "laptop" in the search. As you can see, this result reveals a chart outlining how frequently the word "laptop" appears on the twitter stream and so you develop a tweet much like this:

@5BestThings --> Are you looking for #Cheap #laptop? Find out Best cheap laptop in the market http://bit.ly/e9KDkF

That is how you would advertise a product over twitter. It functions the same in any social network.

that means silent selling

I personally believe 'friends' shouldn't call eachother 'customers'. Even when they are.

in social media profile must be effective

ok that is good tip.

Every enterprise can leverage the use of social media to get in touch with that elusive customer easily. A flexible and scalable social media solutions can guarantee you better visibility, deeper audience engagement, reduced costs and lower overhead, business intelligence and higher ROI.

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